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Top 4 Questions on Recycling

1. Whenís it going to start?
  Answer: For our neighborhood, the first recycling pickup is Thursday, July 9th and every other Thursday. Zone B6 So roll it out July 9th!
2. Why do it, itís a lot of work?
  Answer: Just roll it out to the curb July 9th. Itís pretty easy & the City has great instruction included what you can and canít recycle Ė hereís their site: Itís really important that we get it right. Items maybe able to be recycled but not by our recycling company Ė for example, plastic bags, clothes, Styrofoam and branches can be recycled but NOT by this company. If itís put in the bin, theyíll have to take to the dump as trash which is extra work/cost for everyone.
3. Doesnít it all go to the dump anyway?
  Answer: Nope, the recycling company is in it to make money and the only way to make money is to sell the recyclable. Since they have to pay the County to dump trash, they need to sell, not dump.
4. Why canít they pickup in the alley?
  Answer: These trucks are too big to make it through all our tree lined alleys with its phone & electricity lines. The city did a lot of research first including getting advice from tow other experienced city with alleys.
Have a Concern or an Idea?
These avenues are available to all active members to communicate a concern or an idea:

a.) Write an editorial for our neighborhood newsletter (<500 words). The newsletter is sent out every other month starting in February.  All articles should be submitted to by the 20th of the preceding month and be signed by a member.

b.) Request that a letter be forwarded to the membership list via email. Send forward requests to Letters should be signed by members.

c.) Request that your topic be added to the general meeting agenda. General meetings are held the first Thursday of every other month, starting in February, in St. Paul's cafeteria at 7 pm. Please send your request to at least 7 days prior to be added to the agenda.

d.) Request that your topic be added to the board meeting agenda. Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every other month, starting in January, at 7 pm. Please contact at least 7 days prior to be added to the agenda. The meeting location is posted on our website and all members are welcome to attend.

e.) Request a special meeting and vote. Special meetings can be called by board or by 10 active members. Written notice of the date, place, and purpose of special meetings shall be provided to all members at least 7 days prior. Send special meeting requests to

f.) Post an announcement on our Facebook page. Ask that the message be shared with the fans of our page.

General Meetings
  General meetings are held the first Thursday of the month every other month starting in January.  All meetings are held in St Paulís School cafeteria, unless otherwise announced, with doors opening at 6:30 pm for hospitality and a chance to visit, meeting starts at 7 pm.
Meeting Events Schedule:
  February Chili Cook-off
  April TBD
  June TBD
  August Ice Cream Social
  October Pie Contest
  December Elections / Holiday Party
Porch Parties!
  Always the 3rd Friday of the month - itís a great way to get to know your neighbors and share your hospitality all at the same time. If youíd like to host a Porch Party, contact Elaina Scronce at .
Board Meetings:
  Unless otherwise posted, the Board meets the 2nd Tuesday every other month, starting in January, at 7pm at Catholic Charities on the corner of 16th St and 13th Ave N.
  Newsletter is published six times per year: February, April, June, August, October, December.  More Info...
  • Alley Clean-up: Scheduled to coincide with Home Depotís hosting Hazardous Waste drop off.  If you donít have an alley help a neighbor who does and visit the Coffee Klatch when you are ready for a break.
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale - April, sales at voluntarily participating homes throughout Euclid/St. Paulís. Neighborhood Cook-out follows later the same day around 4 pm, location TBD.
  • Haunted Hike - Mid October
  • Holiday Potluck Dinner and E/SPNA Elections - December monthly meeting.
Board Meeting Minutes
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  Note from the President
  ESPNA Board, Committees & Volunteers
  Maps: Sections , Sub-divisions
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  ESPNA Membership - Annual dues are $20 per household  or $30 for business or charter membership. Sign Up Here
Proposed ESPNA By-Laws
Official Public Notice
Below are links to the final version of the proposed by-laws as amended for vote approval at the 6 Aug 2015 meeting.  This amended version will be up for 2nd reading at the June 4th meeting.  Both the REDLINE version that shows what is being deleted along with what is added and the EZ Read version that shows what the final product will be is attached. 
ē Proposed ESPNA By-Laws - Redline Version
ē Proposed ESPNA By-Laws - EZ Read Version
Why join Euclid St. Paulís Neighborhood Association?
  • The strength of the association is in numbers.
  • The city listens to a strong neighborhood association.
  • Discuss particular issues of our neighborhood (crime prevention, traffic safety, and zoning)
  • Vote on ways to address these issues
  • Elect board members and charity for the following year
  • Have a say on changes within the association
  • Monitor and advocate on city-wide issues that affect our neighborhood
  • Make an investment in the future of our neighborhood
  • Communicate your concerns or ideas to the neighborhood (write an article in our newsletter, speak at a meeting, serve on a committee)

Why be involved?

  • Learn about community resources
  • Meet and network with your neighbors (Need a babysitter? Who trims your trees? Can you watch my house while Iím away?)
  • Attend social events (porch parties 3rd Fridays, spring block party, Haunted Hike, bike crawls)
  • Receive email newsletters and notifications for suspicious activity, zoning variances, events, lost pets, etc.
  • Give back to your community

Join or Renew your Membership - Online or By Mail.


Photos from the 2015 Block Party

Report neighborhood issues and see them get fixed.  From reporting potholes to receiving alerts, learn how SeeClickFix will help our neighborhood.  Click Here.
June / July  2015 Newsletter
Newsletters are
now sent via email.

ESPNA Supports Local Charities
Over the last 10 years, a portion of our annual membership fees and fundraising from the neighborhood events have been contributed to a local charity. Our members nominate charities that they feel need our support at the fall general meeting. Information is provided about each charity and paid members vote at the final yearly annual meeting to select the charity that we'll support throughout the upcoming year. In 2015, we selected Community Preschool to support. To learn more about this organization, please click -
  • 2014 YMCA of Greater St Pete
  • 2013 Wounded Warrior Project
  • 2012 St Vincent DePaul
  • 2011 Ronald McDonald House
  • 2010 Alpha House of Pinellas County
Haunted Hike Photos
ESPNA Weather

Current Conditions in our Neighborhood.
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Articles & suggestions for the newsletter may be sent to
Highlight a Home!
See improvements?  Let us know!   We are looking for the Next Highlighted Home.   Send your suggestions to Jane Mitchell at .
 Volunteer Time
Our Volunteering: What We've Been Up To
  Last month we put a call out to the neighborhood asking people to share their volunteer efforts for our grant Ďmatchí to light our neighborhood. We will not only light the neighborhood with our efforts, but we will serve as a light in our own community.  MORE...
Record Your Volunteer Hours
  While the city is reconsidering grant awards we should continue to record our hours so we will have banked a head start. If you do anything on benefit of the neighborhood; attend general meetings, clean the ally of over growth or trash, or walk your dog while wearing a crime watch vest, etc. It all counts. Please record it.
More information...
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