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2022 Euclid St Paul's Haunted Hike

Welcome to the 2022 iteration of Euclid Saint Paul's Haunted Hike Tour! Celebrate Halloween and our Neighborhood with the 19th Euclid Haunted Hike.

Join us for a family friendly haunted night of action and acting, with a 1 mile 1 hour guided walking tour of spooky one-act skits created to tingle your senses. Peruse the vendors market to find delectable treats, face painting, and souvenirs galore.

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You can also help make this year's Haunted Hike more magical by decorating your house like crazy! If you have a flair for the fantastic or just have a lot of fun making your front yard into a spooky holiday theme, then you can volunteer your house on our neighborhood decor map!


Adding your house to this map helps everyone learn where to find the best our neighborhood spirit has to offer. Show off all the amazing hard work you put together and help make our neighborhood the holiday envy of St. Pete.

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Decorate your house Like Crazy!

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Participate as PART of the Haunted Hike

We're also calling all Residents to get involved in the Hike by participating yourself! If you enjoy acting, making people laugh, or just sharing the spirit of Halloween with others, we want you! 

You can go the extra mile to help make Hunted Hike extra awesome by:

  • Being a guide for one of the hikes!

  • Acting crazy in front of your neighbors in a sideshow or skit. Join a group or start your own!

  • Baking some tasty goodies for the Bake Sale

  • Helping coordinate or run stations at the home ticketing area (13th & 13th)

  • Performing Tech Setups (lighting and sound setup for 13th & 13th and for skits)

  • Offering some additional unique skill or ability that you think will help!

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Photos of Previous Haunted Hikes

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